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Assura and GPs

Premises are the silent partner in every GP practice: fundamental to allowing GPs and their wider teams to do their work, but all too often a big challenge to look after on top of a busy day job. Premises must work for patients and their care, but they’re also the workplaces of the NHS’ most precious resource: its people.

That’s why for every Assura building, we believe face-to-face contact matters. Our in-house property team travels thousands of miles every year to visit every centre in our portfolio – to ensure we’re hearing first-hand how our buildings are working for the GPs who use them.

When we’re developing a brand new space, we work intensively with the GPs it will serve on how it needs to look, feel and flow.

And the proof is in the pudding: 95% of our GP tenants tell us they’d recommend Assura to others. GP Occupier Survey, 2017.